Our Services

Posterior cervical & lumbar microdiscectomy
Cervical & lumbar laminectomies
Posterior lumbar fusion techniques
Lateral lumbar fusions
Anterior lumbar interbody fusions
Anterior cervical discectomy & fusion
Cervical disk replacements (arthroplasty)
Posterior cervical fusions
Management of spinal cord & vertebral tumors
Placement of cervical & lumbar spinal cord stimulator systems
Sacroiliac fusion procedures
Thoracic & lumbar kyphoplasty

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We generally have frequent and convenient clinics on Monday through Friday with rare exceptions.

Surgery locations:

North Austin Medical Center
North Austin Medical Center is a St. David’s facility located at 12221 North Mopac Expressway. It is an approximate 330 bed full-service hospital with a dedicated neuro-spine team consisting of operative room nurses and surgical technologist who assist in the spine and neurosurgical cases. North Austin Medical Center has a full-service intensive care unit and an extensive array of available medical specialists. Computer-assisted image-guided surgery technologies are available including a Stealth Navigation System and an O-arm intraoperative CT spinal guidance system. Additional services include intraoperative neuroelectrodiagnostic monitoring of the spinal cord, peripheral nerves and the laryngeal nerve to improve the safety of spinal surgical procedures.

For more information go to: www.stdavids.com/locations/at-davids-north-austin-medical-center/about